Susan Sarandon visited Capitol Hill recently to lobby congress for a ceasefire in Gaza. The Thelma & Louise actor joined a group of pro-Palestinian activists speaking out on the issue. According to Time Magazine, the death toll in Gaza has reached 29,000 following the October 7th attack in Israel—which took the lives of approximately 1,200 people.

“We need a permanent ceasefire. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel right now, with people stuck and not being able to get out … The hospitals being destroyed,” Sarandon told reporters. “I have a right to object to my taxes being spent on a genocide.”

Game of Thrones actor Lena Headey also took to Instagram recently to address the issue. “People of Palestine. We see you .. We do, you’re not forgotten. My heart fkin breaks. #permanentceasefirenow #stopthegenocideingaza,” she wrote.