Apparently, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were bitter rivals in the 1990s. The Rambo actor opened up about their feud on The Jonathan Ross Show recently.

“We couldn’t stand to be in the same galaxy together for a while,” Stallone said. “We truly, truly loathed each other.”

He also shared how Schwarzenegger convinced him to take a role in the “piece of s—t” film, 1992’s Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

“He’s quite clever. He goes around town saying, ‘I can’t wait to do this film.’ I go to my agent, ‘Get that thing away from him. Get people options on me.’ ”

The Rocky actor continued, “I got it, and I said, ‘What a piece of s—t this is.’ He goes, ‘Ha, ha, ha!’ ”

“At least I wasn’t pregnant in a film, Arnold,” Stallone added. “We’re even.”