Tanya Roberts is dead at 65, after a bizarre back-and-forth over her status. The 65-year-old died Monday night at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Hospital following a strange series of events in which her death was declared, then taken back.

Here’s what happened: her rep had been told by her longtime partner Lance O’Brien Sunday that she had died, but she was at that point in critical condition. On Monday night, she did in fact die, following her collapse after walking her dogs on December 23rd.

Roberts enjoyed enormous success as a model and actress, in A View to Kill, the Charlie’s Angels TV show, for Playboy and Clairol, and later as Midge on That ’70s Show.

In a statement to THR, Roberts' longtime friend and rep, Mike Pingel, spoke candidly about the late star, who he described as having “a huge heart.”

“I'm devastated. She was brilliant and beautiful and I feel like a light has been taken away. To say she was an angel would be at the top of the list,” he told the outlet. “She was the sweetest person you'd ever meet and had a huge heart. She loved her fans, and I don't think she realized how much she meant to them.”