Nicky Hilton landed in serious hot water when she borrowed diamonds from her mother Kathy Hilton without asking. The 62-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star suspected theft, Nicky tells Footwear News for a cover story that had Nicky, Paris and Kathy in velour tracksuits: “One of my funniest memories of borrowing something from my mom’s closet was when I was in my 20s and I had just landed from Miami. I ran into my mom’s closet and sort of threw something together last minute.”

First, she grabbed a Valentino skirt and Gucci heels. Next: “I needed to be, like, glammed up, so I just went in and I throw on a necklace and I was out the door. Within an hour she’s calling me, panicking.”

She left a trail of mess and disruption in her wake, causing Kathy to call security: “She has the entire Waldorf Astoria security team looking at the cameras. Apparently, this necklace that I had borrowed is extremely valuable and she thought it was stolen.”

Paris confesses, meanwhile, that she will never wear “kitten heels.”