The Nun II stayed on top at the domestic box office over the weekend for the third week in a row, beating out Expendables 4’s lackluster debut. The film brought in $8.4 million while Expend4bles brought in $8.3 million. Deadline reports that this is the lowest opening for the Expendables franchise yet, but it still wasn’t Sylvester Stallone‘s worst opening. His 2012 film Bullet to the Head made $4.5 million by comparison.

Box Office Numbers from Friday (September 22nd) through Sunday (September 24th):

1. The Nun II, $8.4 million 2. Expendables 4, $8.3 million 3. A Haunting in Venice, $6.3 million 4. Equalizer 3, $4.72 million 5. Barbie, $3.2 million 6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, $3 million 7. It Lives Inside, $2.6 million 8. Dumb Money, $2.5 million 9. Blue Beetle, $1.81 million 10. Oppenheimer, $1.63 million