Many fans called out the generational divide when the 50-year-old Olivier Sarkozy and 33-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen got married five years ago. And judging from the latest reports on their split, they may have been onto something. 

A source tells People that Sarkozy wanted a “stay-at-home wife.” 

LOL? Mary-Kate and her twin Ashley, as fans will doubtless recall, have been working since before they could crawl. The pair played Michelle Tanner on Full House, and as adults launched fashion lines The Row and Elizabeth and James. All told, the pair are worth $500 million. 

The source says: "Mary-Kate is extremely hard working and focused on her business. Her work schedule is beyond disciplined. She is the type of person who would never complain about a 12 hour work day. Olivier never understood her drive and passion." 

The insider adds: "You can't control a girl who has been on the billionaire track since her 20s."

On April 17, Olsen filed divorce papers, and then on May 13th, she requested an emergency order to file for divorce. The judge rejected her order.