Remember Joe Exotic’s arch nemesis, Jeff Lowe? Well he’s part of the Tiger King's team now and is lending Joe a helping hand.

Tiger King 2 is set to premiere Wednesday, November 17th on Netflix and according to Jeff and his wife “a lot has changed.” GW Exotic Animal Park, which was originally operated out of Oklahoma, will be moved to a new location once Lowe gets all of the animals back from the feds. The Lowes were evicted when the park was raided because of allegations that they were mistreating the animals and did not have the proper paperwork.

According to TMZ, Lowe says that the federal investigation was based on lies spread by the infamous Carole Baskin. Lowe claims that the charges will soon be dropped. Jeff and Lauren Lowe plan to sue Baskin, PETA and others they say are responsible for the federal raid.

Ironically, he’s recruiting Joe Exotic’s attorneys to help him. Even though Jeff played a role in landing Joe in prison, they’ve apparently patched things up and Lowe is now trying to help Exotic get out of prison.