TIMOTHEE CHALAMET AND KYLIE JENNER KISS AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES: Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner are smitten. The pair, who were first rumored to be dating in April of 2023, attended the Golden Globes together on Sunday (January 7th). In video shared to Instagram by E! News , the Wonka actor and The Kardashians star kiss after they talk for a bit while she plays with his necklace. Some are speculating that she said, “I love you,” during the exchange.

PEDRO PASCAL EXPLAINS WHY HIS ARM WAS IN A SLING DURING THE GOLDEN GLOBES: After Pedro Pascal appeared at the Golden Globes on Sunday night (January 7th) wearing a black sling on his right arm, a reporter for The Associated Press asked him, “What happened to you?” The Last of Us actor replied, “I fell.” He added, “Be careful. Exactly. It can happen to anybody.” According to Buzzfeed, he also had “OUCHY” painted on his nails that night.

GLEN POWELL COMMENTS ON JUSTIN HARTLEY BEING MISTAKEN FOR HIM AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES: When This Is Us star Justin Hartley first appeared at the Golden Globes on Sunday night (January 7th), he was mistaken for Glen Powell by The Hollywood Reporter. The Top Gun: Maverick star, who was not at the event, responded to the mishap via X. “I think this is the perfect time to announce that @justinhartley and I will be starring in the most boring body-swap movie of all time,” Powell wrote.

AYO EDEBIRI RESPONDS TO JEREMY ALLEN WHITE’S CALVIN KLEIN CAMPAIGN: Ayo Edebiri isn’t interested in seeing Jeremy Allen White’s recent underwear campaign for Calvin Klein. Multiple reporters showed her photos from the campaign during the Golden Globes on Sunday (January 7th). During one interview, she winced and looked away. "I'm just, I'm happy for him. That's my boy," she said about her costar on The Bear. "I do feel like I want people to understand that he's my coworker." During another interview, a reporter brought out a giant print from the photoshoot and Edebiri put it away. “This is a work function, you know what I mean?” she said.