TOM BRADY SAYS HE HAS ‘A LOT OF DRAMA’ IN HIS LIFE: Tom Brady revealed on a recent episode of his Let’s Go! podcast that he has “a lot of drama” in his life following his split from Gisele Bundchen in October of last year. “We should all have self-awareness, it’s a hard trait to have … We’re in a culture where it’s hard to own up to things these days,” the former quarterback said. “For someone like me, I’m in the public eye a lot. I always try to say the right thing. I don’t want to deal with any more drama in my life. I already have a lot of drama.” The 80 for Brady star has been linked to Irina Shayk in recent months.

CHELSEA HANDLER CLARIFIES THAT SHE ‘DIDN’T BREAK UP’ WITH TED HARBERT ‘FOR THE MASSEUSE:’ Chelsea Handler got candid about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Ted Harbert, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday (October 4th). The Chelsea Lately star previously revealed that the former couple had a threesome with their masseuse before they broke up in 2010. "I really want to clarify. I want to go on the record that that is not why our relationship ended," she said. "We did have a lot of threesomes‚ and that, while that's private it's already out there, so I'm gonna double down on that and just say that we didn't break up because I left him for the masseuse. That didn't happen."

KELLY RIPA OPENS UP ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF MENOPAUSE: Kelly Ripa discussed the upside of going through menopause on Tuesday’s (October 3rd) episode of her Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast. "I love not getting my period," she said while speaking with hormone specialist Dr. Erika Schwartz. "There, I said it." The Live with Kelly and Mark host added that her friends “cannot bring themselves to talk about having gone through menopause," and that they "think menopause is 'embarrassing.'” In response to this, she said, “I don't know why that is in this day and age." She also highlighted how her first summer following the change “was the summer of the white pants because I never had to worry about wearing white pants."

KYLE RICHARDS PICKS MORGAN WADE UP FROM THE AIRPORT: The rumor mill continues when it comes to Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade. Page Six reports that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was photographed picking the country music singer up from LAX on Wednesday (October 4th). This comes following the release of the trailer for the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which Wade can be seen getting “the first letter of [Richards’] name on her body.”