Top Gun: Maverick broke Memorial Day box office records and was Tom Cruise‘s best domestic opening ever. Who would have thought that Cruise didn’t want to shoot the film at first!

Joseph Kosinski, the director of the film, said he had 30 minutes to convince Cruise to do the sequel—and that Cruise “really didn’t want to.”

“So I read the script, I had some ideas, and Jerry Bruckheimer liked those ideas. He said, ‘You know what, you gotta go pitch this to Tom directly.’ We flew to Paris, where Tom was shooting ‘Mission: Impossible,’ we got about a half-hour of his time between setups,” Kosinski told Polygon recently.

He continued, “It’s one of those moments as a director, you have one on every film, where you’re on the spot to make a case for why this movie should be made. I had 30 minutes to do it.”

His pitch worked, as Cruise then picked up his phone and called the head of Paramount Pictures right in front of Kosinkski. “We’re making another ‘Top Gun,'” Cruise said.