Beverly Hills 90210 alum Tori Spelling is opening up about the horrific bullying her kids have endured. She and husband Dean McDermott share five kids, and Spelling shared on Instagram that her two eldest, Liam, 12, and Stella, 11, have “been thru so much bullying I can no longer not share.”

Of Stella, Spelling wrote, “Between her last year at her elementary school or the 1st year at her middle school this human has endured enough bullying for a lifetime. Her old school in Encino, we were told she is acting like 'Patient zero' and 'she's playing the victim' & 'we are talking to the parents of that said bully' and 'he is trying to change.'He never did! Never any consequences for his actions towards my daughter and other kids.”

So they moved schools: “This time, my daughter was bullied so bad (including comments about her weight and sexual things he said that my daughter didn't even know about.) This school did the right thing and expelled the boy but the damage had been done. She now associates her education with boys that have been so horrific to her.”

Liam attended the school too: “He was bullied to the point that he developed severe emotional based headaches and stomach aches. This school (who did help with Stella's situation) did not help with Liams. He continued to be bullied so bad we had to leave.”

She finished: “Was hesitant to post this bc as celebs we are sometimes judged for having problems others have sad emoji #worriedmama.”