Tracee Ellis Ross is shining light on how Hollywood views Black women’s stories. On this week’s episode of The Shop, the Black-ish star commented on her experience in the industry.

"There's very limited roles for Black women still. I don't think it's just about roles, I think it's about the storytelling." Referring to her Hulu docuseries called The Hair Tales, she said, "It was wonderful, and when we went out and pitched it, people don't think the stories of Black women are very sexy and interesting.”

The Girlfriends actress added, "I think as Black and brown people in this country and across the world, we end up having to spend a lot of emotional cash trying to explain our worth. You spend so much time trying to explain why this is good, why this is important, why this is the thing, we don't always get enough time to get to the making of the thing. And you get home, and you're tired because you've had to prove that you're worth something."