After news broke that Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss attacked his pregnant wife Laura Fleiss after she wouldn’t comply with his demand that she get an abortion, many on Twitter are calling to #BoycottTheBachelor. 

Laura was granted a temporary restraining order against Mike Tuesday, and Warner Bros.—the company that distributes Bachelor and Bachelorette, for which Mike serves as exec producer—released a statement saying they would look into the matter. 

"We are aware of these serious allegations, and are looking into them," a Warner Bros. spokesperson told ET.

Critics on Twitter were quick to share their complete lack of shock that a man “who made a fortune reinforcing sexist stereotypes on The Bachelor would do something like this.” 


Laura, 31, says Mike threatened her with physical violence, then attacked her and claims in court papers that it isn’t the first time. The pair met when she competed in the 2012 Miss America contest, which she then won. They married in 2014, and welcomed a child on May 15. She claims his attack was caught on security cameras. 

According to docs filed in court, Laura claims she and Mike have long differed on their approach to parenthood.

"[He] repeatedly told me throughout our marriage, and prior to our marriage, that he knew he would have to have one child with me because I was 26 years old when we got married, did not yet have any children, and he knew I wanted to have a family," Laura claims. "Mike, however, being 55 years old, did not want to have more than one child together."

She adds that he threatened to divorce her if she didn’t abort her 10-week old fetus. 

Laura continues: "Just before we got outside of the front door, he grabbed my body, forcibly pinned me up against the wall and held me there.” The docs go on to state that she filed a police report against her husband at the time.

Evidence of the attack, including photographs of bruises, were reportedly submitted to the court when Laura successfully obtained her restraining order. 

Mike filed for divorce on July 9th, citing “irreconcilable differences.” 

Laura’s restraining order will remain in effect until a court hearing on August 6th. Mike denied the allegations in court papers, writing: "I have not hurt, attacked, or attempted to physically harm Laura or our child."