Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were hoping to keep the details of their nonprofit under wraps, but when they learned that the details were leaking to the press, they went ahead and shared information.

The Sussexes are calling the project Archewell, which takes its name from the Greek word Arche, or source of action, and also is linked to their son Archie. The say they hope their new project will "do something that matters," and will be comprised of a well-being website, emotional support groups and multi-media educational material. They hinted at a bigger launch at a later date, saying: "We look forward to launching Archewell when the time is right."

In addition to the nonprofit, they reportedly hope to create educational films, podcasts and books as part of their larger plan of launching themselves in the U.S. 

Not everyone was psyched. 

Many questioned their choice of using their son’s name, especially since they previously said they were stepping down from their senior royal roles to protect him: “Archewell is…just a really terrible name. It doesn’t make sense and leverages the child they claim to be trying to protect from the spotlight. Are any branding and PR people actually giving advice or being listened to? It’s shocking how bad Harry and Meghan are at this.”

Another critic wrote: “Forcing your staff to move you from Canada to LA in the middle of a pandemic? Cringe.Trying to push out your PR so people don't forget little old you during a pandemic? Cringe. Using your famous baby's name as a charity name? Unlawful levels of cringe.”