Yikes! Tyler Cameron says that a fan showed up with suitcases and her dog to join his “quarantine crew.”

Via Instagram Story, he vented: “I cannot make this up. My brother just called me and told me there’s a lady outside our house. We have no idea who she is. She has her dog and two suitcases. She is trying to join the Quarantine Crew or something. This is out of control.”

Later, he asked fans to respect his privacy, saying: “I’m not that cool, I’m not that talented. I got dumped on television. There’s so many cooler people. Find something better to do with all this time we have now.”

The Bachelorette alum has been isolating first with fellow Bachelorette-alum Hannah Brown who he may or may not be together with, and now with pals Matt James, Kate Dooley, Olivia Faria, Jacob Laham, Mollie Foertmeyer and his brother Ryan Cameron.

Bachelor Nation maestro Chris Harrison is gunning for Tyler and Hannah, along with their vocal fanbase. He told People: “Look, here’s the great thing about them — I don’t want to put any more pressure on them, because Hannah’s been through the wringer and Tyler is a wonderful man. He’s a really good guy. If they end up together, man, kudos to them. I love them both and I want them to find love, and if it turns out it’s the two of them, that’s amazing. And if they get married, hey, I’ll either be standing between them officiating the ceremony or I’ll be right there in the front row.”