After multiple contestants shared daunting experiences from their time on America’s Next Top Model in an Insider story released on Monday (April 11th), Tyra Banks appears to have deleted her Twitter.

The Insider story reports that producers brought up contestants’ past traumas to ellicit emotional responses from them and created dangerous work environments to add to the entertainment value of the show.

One contestant said her time on America’s Next Top Model was akin to “psychological warfare.”

Season seven’s Eugenia Washington opened up about the time she had to walk across “a path of wooden planks seesawing in a pool while wearing 6-inch heels, a pencil skirt, and two corsets,” which resulted in her falling and cracking her knee.

Another contestant, Aminat Ayinde, said she had a two-inch bald spot that didn’t go away fully for three years after getting a “Ty-Over”—a mandatory makeover by Banks.

Contestants were required to sign contracts stating that the show was not liable for any injuries that occurred while filming.

This story comes after former contestant Sarah Hartshorne tweeted in late 2021 that they only received a stipend of $40 a day for participating in the show.