Vanessa Lachey got visibly emotional on the second season of The Ultimatum, as she talked about her relationship with her husband and cohost, Nick Lachey. The NCIS: Hawaiʻi actress was commenting on how difficult it can be to open up to another person.

“Nick and I have been together for 16 years and we know each other—married for 11—but it's so funny that for some reason we don't learn more about each other until we're in, like, a therapy session,” she revealed while holding back tears. “And the reason why I'm choking up is because I've had to get through so much s—t to be the best woman for him.”

Vanessa shared that they’ve been able to work through their issues as a team. “Every single issue we had, every issue I brought up—to find that person, that I can trust and that can carry me through,” she continued, “is what made us unstoppable.”

The Love is Blind host added that it is “so freeing to tell everything” to someone and have them “be there to pick you up.”