Vin Diesel’s former assistant, Asta Jonasson, is suing the Fast and Furious actor for sexual battery and wrongful termination. In 2010, Jonasson says Diesel forced her onto a bed at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, groped her breasts and legs, followed her as she tried to escape into the bathroom, pinned her against the wall, and masturbated—despite her verbal refusals.

Court documents state that Jonasson was hired by the Guardians of the Galaxy actor’s production company, One Race Films, to assist him on location in Atlanta. She was fired shortly after the alleged assault took place.

“It was clear to her that she was being fired because she was no longer useful — Vin Diesel had used her to fulfill his sexual desires and she had resisted his sexual assaults,” the lawsuit states. "Ms. Jonasson felt like she was a piece of trash to be discarded."