It was just a handshake! Vince Vaughn sat down with The Los Angeles Times about his new film, Freaky, a horror-comedy that opened Friday the 13th. On the subject of Freaky, Vaughn also addressed the viral video of him in January chatting with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and then shaking his hand.

The Libertarian actor, who supported Rand Paul in the 2016 election, said he was just being nice.

“In my career I’ve met a lot of politicians who I’ve always been cordial to; I’ve met Nancy Pelosi and was cordial to her as well,” Vaughn told the newspaper. “It was the only time I’ve ever met him. We said hello. He was very personable. I didn’t get into policies.”

“I think people are more charged than ever about these things,” he continued. “But I don’t think most people take that stuff as seriously as the small percentage that’s making noise about it. I was raised with the idea that you could have different likes and beliefs and you should respect and defend that in other people, not shout it down. The people you disagree with the most, you should stand up for their right to do that.”