STARS REMEMBER MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.: On Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 16th), celebrities such as Viola Davis, Wanda Sykes, and Billy Porter took to Instagram to remember the late civil rights leader. “On this MLK Day, let us honor the legacy of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and remember the powerful message of equality and justice that he shared with the world. His tireless efforts and unwavering dedication to the civil rights movement continue to inspire us all to strive for a more just and equitable society,” Davis wrote on Instagram. “Let us take a moment to truly feel the weight of his sacrifice and the depth of his courage, and let it inspire us to be better people and work towards the ideals of justice and equality that he so fiercely advocated for.”

JAMIE LEE CURTIS HONORS MICHELLE YEOH IN WOULD-BE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Jamie Lee Curtis missed the Critics Choice Awards Sunday night (January 15th) after testing positive for COVID-19, but she let fans know what her acceptance speech would have been had she won the award for Best Supporting Actress. On Instagram Monday (January 16th), Curtis shared photos of herself with her Everything Everywhere All at Once costar Michelle Yeoh and wrote, “Had I won the @criticschoice award last night, my acceptance speech, beside the general appreciation for the creative team, production team and my personal team would have simply been two words. MICHELLE YEOH. @michelleyeoh_official She was the reason I said yes to @everythingeverywheremovie She IS the movie and I am so happy the she is my bae and friend!”

DWAYNE ‘THE ROCK’ JOHNSON SHARES EULOGY FROM HIS FATHER’S FUNERAL: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram Sunday (January 15th) to remember his father, Rocky Johnson, on the three-year anniversary of his death. Along with footage from his father’s memorial service, Dwayne wrote, “3 years ago today I said goodbye to you. 1/15/20 Still seems so raw. Unhealed. But forgiven. Woke up foggy, wobbly but you gotta find a way to force that smile and get that clarity going. Life ain’t waiting. The show must go on.”

SALLY FIELD AND LILY TOMLIN GO VIRAL IN CBS SUNDAY MORNING CLIP: During an interview with CBS This Morning on Sunday (January 15th), Jane Fonda shared her opinion on the difference between male and female friendships. "Women's friendships are very different than men's friendships. They're very important to our health. Because [men] kind of sit side-by-side and watch sports or cars or women. Women sit facing each other, eye-to-eye, and they say, I'm in trouble, I need you, can you help me. You know, we're not afraid of being vulnerable." Later, Fonda commented on how she pursued a friendship with Sally Field—and people can’t get enough of the banter that followed between Field and Lily Tomlin. "Oh, goodness sakes, I couldn't make you stop! I'm very reclusive. I mean, I'm like a notorious hermit," Field said. Tomlin chimed in, "I don't really like people that much. I try to avoid them." Field replied, “Me too.”