The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, expressed his gratitude to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher for their support on Sunday (March 20th).

“.@aplusk & Mila Kunis were among the first to respond to our grief. They have already raised $35 million & are sending it to @flexport & @Airbnb to help Ukrainian refugees,” he posted to Twitter.

“Grateful for their support. Impressed by their determination. They inspire the world. #StandWithUkraine,” he added, along with a photo of himself in a video chat with the couple.

Kunis and Kutcher posted to Instagram last week announcing that they’d reached their fundraising goal. “We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your support. 2 weeks ago we asked you to join us and more than 65,000 of you stepped up and donated what you could. Now, with your help we have reached our $30 million goal.”

“Our work is not done,” they added. “We will do everything we can to ensure that the outpouring of love that came as a part of this campaign finds maximum impact with those in need.”


Amy Schumer told Drew Barrymore on an upcoming episode of Barrymore’s talk show that she tried to get Volodymyr Zelenskyy to appear at the 2022 Oscars via satellite or with a pre-taped segment. Though she’s hosting the event alongside Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes, Schumer said, “I am not afraid to go there, but it’s not me producing the Oscars.”

The Life & Beth actress continued, “I think there is definitely pressure in one way to be like, ‘This is a vacation, let people forget we just want to have this night,’ but it is like, ‘Well we have so many eyes and ears on this show."”

“I think it’s a great opportunity to at least comment on a couple of things. I have some jokes that kind of highlight the sort of current condition. I mean, there are so many awful things happening that it seems hard to focus on which one,” she added.