Wayne Brady got candid about his mental health in an interview for Verywell Mind, published on Wednesday (November 3rd). The Whose Line Is It Anyway? star shared that he feels like he’s “always been depressed.”

“I think depression is an insidious beast,” he said. “It's an insidious disease that, in hindsight, I feel that I've always been depressed. I now know that…for years, I had an imbalance that I just didn't deal with.”

The How I Met Your Mother actor added that the death of Robin Williams caused him to get help. “Robin was someone that I respect greatly, was blessed to work with him. I was touched by him my entire life,” Brady explained.

“And when you see someone who had the mind of Robin Williams, and the kindness of Robin Williams, and the talent of Robin Williams say, 'I cannot talk to anybody about what is going on with me because it's too great,'… I knew that I didn't want that for myself.”