The attorneys working the Weinstein Co. bankruptcy case have already received $26 million in fees, far more than the $17.1 million his victims will receive. The bills are still coming in, Variety reports, and will likely empty out the $3.3 million left in its coffers, according to testimony from its controller, Robert Peck.

The $35.2 million settlement created a $17.1 million fund for his 50+ rape and assault accusers. It will also pay $9.7 million in defense costs and $8.4 million to creditors.

Women who alleged that he raped or assaulted them will get up to $1 million.

Weinstein is serving 23 years behind bars.


Meanwhile, one of Weinstein’s most outspoken misconduct accusers, Rosanna Arquette is launching a podcast because she believes that after spurning his advances, he permanently damaged her career.

She tells The Daily Beast of her plans for Radical Musings, explaining that she plans to interview culture changers, like #MeToo founder Tarana Burke.

Arquette said that many still protect Weinstein: “But there are still people in power that protect him. I just had a situation, and I won’t get into specifics, but it was a TV show that really could have been great, and they wanted me, and someone at the top killed it. And you just go, ‘Hmm…’ There are people that feigned horror about him but will still penalize you for being outspoken or telling the truth.”