On Day 2 of deliberations, the jury deciding whether the Oscar-winning producer Harvey Weinstein should be convicted in his rape trial, asked to review testimony from accuser Miriam “Mimi” Haley.

Observers say the request suggests that the jury is reviewing and discussing the case accuser-by-accuser. The jury also sent Supreme Court Judge James Burke questions about accuser Annabella Sciorra. They also requested to review emails sent by Weinstein to a private investigator asking them to make tracking her a top priority in their all-encompassing surveillance of his accuser. Later in the day, they asked to re-hear the entire testimony of Sciorra’s friend, actress Rosie Perez.

On Wednesday, the jury asked to hear transcripts of Haley’s graphic testimony of being assaulted by Weinstein, first in his Soho apartment, then again at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. The jury also wanted to review the pair exchanged, and others that Weinstein sent to others discussing Haley.

The 67-year-old is on trial in New York regarding accusations by Haley and Jessica Mann. Six other women also shared their stories of being attacked, though due to statue of limitations rules, Weinstein could not be charged in the incidents. Weinstein has pleaded not guilty and faces life in prison if convicted.