In her first public appearance since leaving a wellness facility in October, Wendy Williams talked about whether she wants to get married again and how she “can’t wait to fall in love.” The former talk show host took part in a conversation at the WBLS Circle of Sisters event in New York City Monday night (November 21st).

“I can't wait to fall in love, and I don't want to get married. I want him to have already had kids,” Williams said in a video shared to the WBLS Instagram. “I want him to be someplace between, someplace around my age, you know, maybe 10 years younger than me, and maybe 15 years older than me, you know what I mean?”

She added, “And then we'll be able to do things together, like if we want to all of a sudden want to fly from New York City, if we want to fly to France, to be there for 2 days, to have food or whatever, I want to be able, you know, I could be qualified with a man that, 'Come on, baby. Let's do it. Do we fly private or do we fly public?”

After the event, her publicist told Entertainment Tonight, “Wendy Williams was invited out to her former radio station's annual WBLS' Circle of Sisters event as she shared in a momentous and sentimental moment with the audience after taking time off and focusing on herself, she is gracefully getting back to what she loves.”