Felicity Huffman’s sentencing for her participation in the college admissions scandal looms tomorrow (Friday, September 13th). Here’s what to know.

The 56-year-old is charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, after paying $15K to help her daughter Sophia cheat on the SATs. 

She pleaded guilty on May 13th to her involvement. Prosecutors are reportedly recommending that she be sentenced to one month in prison, then 12 months supervised release, plus a $20,000 fine. 

Ahead of her sentencing, she sent a letter to the judge in which she explained her behavior, blaming it on her bribe on her misguided “desperation to be a good mother”. 27 other people, including husband William H. Macy and friend and former co-star Eva Longoria, included testaments to her character. 

Sources tell TMZ that the Desperate Housewives star and her defense team are pushing for no time behind bars. They argue that no one suffered any loss due to her crime. They also argue in court docs obtained by the website that prosecutors are comparing her unfairly to other defendants. 

They argue that unlike Rick Singer, who allegedly masterminded the plot, she was just a customer. They’re also saying that one case being used as precedent—in which a person served time for hacking a university’s computer system—is preposterous, and totally different.