What’s going on between Lindsay Lohan and Mohammad bin Salman, Page Six is asking? Rumors are circulating that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia (who many critics say is a dictator and the real power behind the throne of his father, King Salman) and the perpetually beleaguered LiLo have formed a special friendship of some sort.

Sources spill that he flies her around on his jets and showers her with presents, even gifting her with a credit card. A rep denies the claim, but sources insist that Lohan, who has been based partly in Dubai for a few years, is regularly courted by Middle Eastern dignitaries. 

Lohan has become increasingly interested in Saudi culture of late, and last year declared her intention to make an all-female film, dubbed Frame, about Saudi Arabian life.

If Lohan is in fact good friends with him, she wouldn’t be the first Hollywood star to cavort with dictators. Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman, Hilary Swank and Ramzan Kadyrov, Steven Seagal and Vladimir Putin are just a few of the reported Hollywood-political odd couples.