Whoopi Goldberg made a blunder on Monday’s (June 26th) episode of The View that had her co-hosts and the audience laughing.

While discussing a new poll on travel published in the United Kingdom, the Ghost actress said, “A poll of 2,000 adults in the UK found that, when people travel, cuisine is more important to them than landmarks or b–ches.” Goldberg quickly corrected herself and said, “Beaches!”

Her fellow panelists erupted in laughter, as did the studio audience. “I'm sorry. It says beaches. This is y'all's fault,” the Sister Act star said, while the camera panned over to executive producer Brian Teta. “I can't even tell you why it's their fault. We were talking about something else!”

Ana Navarro chimed in to jokingly add, “I will travel anywhere for a good b–ch.”