Whoopi Goldberg wants people to leave Malia Obama alone. On Wednesday’s (February 21st) episode of The View, the Ghost actor defended The Heart director’s decision to go by Malia Ann.

"Apparently some folks online are criticizing her for it, claiming everyone knows she's an Obama, so it's pointless to hide it," Goldberg said. Having changed her own name from Caryn Johnson early in her career, Goldberg vehemently supported Malia.

"If she knows she's an Obama, why do you care? Why do you care what she calls herself?" she continued. "If she wanted to call herself Jeanette MacDonald, she has the right to! If I can be Whoopi Goldberg, she can be whoever the hell she wants to be!"

The Sister Act actor added, "I mean why are people triggered by this kind of stuff? Why are people wasting their time? … Leave this child alone. Leave her alone."