Meghan Markle shocked but inspired many last month when she shared an heartfelt essay about the pain of miscarrying the baby she and Prince Harry were expecting. She wrote in The New York Times about the “unbearable grief” they experienced.

A source tells People that she kept their loss private, but wanted to share it to give others hope.

They said: “They both seemed shocked at how painful it was. Meghan was ready to share now because so many women go through the same thing in silence.”


Meanwhile, observers are saying that Meghan and Harry are likely to lose their royal titles as early as March. When they stepped down officially from their senior royal roles in March of this year, the Queen reportedly gave them a year to adjust, and gave herself a year to think about the implications. That anniversary is coming up, and royal expert Robert Lacey speculates that if, as expected, they plan to continue as civilians, they will “quite likely” lose their His/Her Royal Highness titles.

One indicator, Dr. Anna Whitelook told the Mirror, is that Harry’s role of Captain General of the Royal Marines has been offered to his brother, Prince William.