Will Smith is making his way back to the world of social media. After sharing a video on July 29th in which he apologized for slapping Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars, the Men in Black actor shared a meme Saturday (August 20th) to see how his social media return would be received.

“Me trying to get back on social media,” he captioned the video of a baby gorilla poking an adult gorilla on the back before running away. The baby pokes the adult again, and the adult chases after him.

Fans welcomed the King Richard actor back with open arms. One person wrote, “We've missed you! Everyone goes through s–t. You're human, just like the rest of us! COME BACK WILL!”

On Sunday (August 21st), Smith shared a video of his son, Trey, catching a big spider. Smith films the encounter while standing on top of a chair, as Trey traps the spider under a glass. “Posting this from a Holiday Inn,” he captioned the post.