The domestic box office got off to a slow start in 2024, falling behind 2023 during the same time period by 18% with $87 million in total. Wonka still claimed the top spot, bringing in $14.4 million. The horror film Night Swim debuted in the number two spot, reaching the high end of its projections at $12 million. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom claimed third place with $10.6 million—helping it cross the $100 million mark domestically.

Box Office Numbers from Friday (January 5th) through Sunday (January 7th):

1. Wonka, $14.4 million
2. Night Swim, $12 million
3. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, $10.6 million
4. Migration, $10.25 million
5. Anyone But You, $9.5 million
6. Boys in the Boat, $6.02 million
7. The Color Purple, $4.765 million
8. Iron Claw, $4.5 million
9. Ferrari, $2.5 million
10. Poor Things, $2 million