Do Better

Sometimes things/people/situations inspire you.  My FIRST blog post is an example of me being inspired.  I listened to someone's podcast (whom I've followed since I was in college) and her words hit me hard. While I'm listening, this blog is writing itself in my head.  So, if you got a minute, it's a quick read ... please, continue: 

If your first thought when you wake up isn’t, “How can I be better today; do better?” Is it worth waking up?  Typically, (this morning included) my first thought is “nooooooo … 10 more minutes!!”. When in reality, I should be thankful that I’m even waking up. Yes, early … but for good reason.  I have a job that I love and a career I have worked hard to sustain.  My job affords me the privilege of owning a home, driving a nice car, clothes on my back, food in my …. Oh, you’ve heard this before.  It allows me to provide for my family, along with my husband. 

If every day you wake up and you’re already unhappy, or dreading the day ahead, the only person you can blame is yourself.  Right? How many people don’t wake up? Or, maybe don’t wake up in ideal circumstances?  Life is about perspective.  If you immediately start your day unhappy, you can guarantee your day will be filled with, you guessed it: UNHAPPINESS. 

So, today and tomorrow and the day after that … I am going to try to wake up and tell myself “How can I be better?”  A better wife.  A better mom.  A better daughter. Sister. Friend. Co-worker.  Just. Be. Better. 

Because after all … today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

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