Chris Brown and Drake are seeking dismissal of of the copyright infringement lawsuit over their hit “No Guidance.” According to Billboard, the two say the suit, which was filed by Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine is “baseless.”

Cooper and Valentine allege that Brown and Drake stole the hook “you got it” amongst other things. Drake and Brown’s attorney, James G. Sammataro has rejected the allegations, claiming the phrase is too common to violate copyright law.

Sammataro said in a statement, “Plaintiff’s suit is premised upon the alleged similarity to a wholly generic lyrical phrase. No one, including plaintiffs, can own or monopolize the non-copyrightable phrase ‘you got it’, and it should come as no surprise that this phrase appears in countless other works.”

Sammataro alsonoted that Cooper and Valentine couldn’t prove that the artists even came across their song, which is required in a copyright infringement case.