RAY J IS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL: According to TMZ, Ray J has been released from the hospital. The singer/reality star and entrepreneur is continuing to recover from pneumonia at home.  Sources close to the situation say that Ray J was released from the hospital over the weekend and he's also stopped using an inhaler and isn't on oxygen anymore. Sources say that Ray J thinks his busy schedule and constant travel were to blame for his illness, and now he's realized he needs to take care of his health. Sources  say that at one point, Ray thought he was going to die but he is thankful to have made it out.

SUMMER WALKER CLAPS BACK AT COMMENTER DISCUSSING SOCIAL ANXIETY: Summer Walker clapped back at a commenter who bought up her social anxiety. Commenting on a video of Walker joking and playfully posing in front of a Chevy SUV with Sukihana, Instagram user pink.paradise305 wrote, "Summer is getting over it & I love to see it." Walker  responded, "It's actually the same, this is just what it looks like when I'm comfortable around friends & loved ones." She continued, "People with social anxiety have big loud fun personalities with the people they're comfortable with," Walker captioned the post. "I can't wait for someone to come out & explain how it works. I'm not shy nor am I on meds. If you got a stand offish vibe I just don't trust you yet."