Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram to share some of her husband's memorabilia online and people accused her of throwing shade towards Kobe's parents. Dubbing hersel a “hoarder wife,” she posted pics of Kobe's high school jersey and warmups. In one of her Instagram Stories, she took a Boomerang video of Kobe’s high school memorabilia and items from his first championship run with the Lakers with the caption, “The fact that this was auctioned off and my husband had to buy this and more back is so sad. Glad we have it back.”

As most people know, reported that Kobe and Vanessa received the items back in 2013 after his parents allegedly tried to sell the memorabilia to secure money for a house that the Kobe’s mother Pamela wanted to buy. Once Kobe found out what she did, he quickly shut it down and was able to purchase his items.

Just last week, Vanessa's mom accused her of kicking her out of her home and repossessing her car.