The Spotlight 12/01

The Wrap claims Geraldo Rivera once drugged and groped Bette Midler. The website claims Bette once told Barbara Walters; “He and his producer left the crew in the other room, they pushed me into my bathroom, they broke two poppers and pushed them under my nose and proceeded to grope me.''

 Contact Music claims a new line of Prince merchandise has been released. It includes t-shirts, hoodies and other items with Prince's logos.

See all the merchandise here: All new Prince merchandise

Sam Smith tells the Sun newspaper that he wants to perform at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. ''I'm obsessed. I want to sing at the wedding. Oh my God I'd love to, it would be a dream. I met Harry once, at the James Bond premiere in the Royal Albert Hall, and he also did this amazing speech at the Attitude Awards, and it was really, really beautiful to see that.''

Image courtesy of Ruven Afanador (via ABC News Radio)

Courthouse News claims rapper DMX pled guilty to tax evasion yesterday. He concealed $1.7 million and now faces a maximum prison sentence of 5 years, if convicted.

Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images


College Candy claims a 22 year-old Iranian woman has undergone 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie. Sahar Tabar has 400,000 Instagram followers. She wears bright blue contacts and resembles a zombie because of her sunken face and plump lips.


نرو بدون تو سخت ميگذره..!❄️

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In case you missed the HOLIDAY SONG OF THE YEAR ...scratch that, CENTURY!  Here it is again from Rapper DMX

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