The Spotlight 12/14

Entertainment Tonight claims John Stamos and his fiance Caitlin are expecting their first child together.


NASA is going to screen ''Star Wars: The Last Jedi" aboard the International Space Station.


50 Cent's got a lot more money -- 8 figures worth -- to bring a lot more than just "Power" to the screen with Starz ... according to TMZ. 

Sources close to the deal say it includes 3 projects the rapper-turned actor/producer already has in development -- "Black Family Mafia," "Tomorrow, Today" and a third to be announced soon.

As you may know ... Fiddy currently boasts the hugely successful show "Power" on Starz, the most-watched series on the network. He also produces "50 Central" on BET and releases exclusive new music through his shows.

Mr. Jackson's new deal with Starz extends their business relationship to September 2019.


Dial A Carol: CBS claims the University of Illinois is running a Dial A Carol program through December 20th. Volunteer students answer the 'Carol Hotline' before singing the holiday tune of your choice. The Dial A Carol program can be reached at 217-332-1882.


Naughty Gossip claims Ed Sheeran will most likely sing at Prince Harry's wedding.A source tells the site; “Ed and Harry are super close and Ed will be singing at the wedding. Also you can expect David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John and Adele to be invited. This is going to be a massive day for the UK and you can expect to see a lot of British celebrities in the church and reception.”

Contact Music claims Mariah Carey has real reindeer at her Christmas party. The site quotes her as saying; ''I literally wait all year for Christmas to arrive. I love to celebrate with loved ones and my babies, and we have the most festive time ever. I can't compare my Christmas to yours and say that mine is more festive, I'm not going to do that. But I do have live reindeer and of course Santa Claus!''

Mariah Carey. Picture: Bang Showbiz

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