Big Ed/ Ed Alexander is a real Tucson Icon! Ed has been a staple in  Tucson radio. Ed is a Rincon HS grad and Golden Mic Award winner.  When it comes to Tucson, nobody knows this town better. His work preparation for his show is unmatched. If it has to do with Tucson, guaranteed Big Ed will be the one to tell you about it. Now, THAT is local radio at its best. If his voice sounds familiar,  Ed is a voice-over talent for a number of commercials and events here in Tucson. Involved in a number of charities, from the March of Dimes to United Way,   Big Ed Alexander is Tucson through and through. Tucson, turn it up and get your workday going with Big Ed Alexander from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day on 106.3 The Groove.