Rupert Pacheco AKA “Rockin’ Rupert” Born an raised in Tucson Former Program Director & ,Morning Show Host at Tejano 1600 and Bandleader of a popular local Tucson Tejano group Now making a life in San Antonio, TX The Capital of Tejano Music! Hosts a weekly midday online show on Houston’s BNET Radio and performs with 2 time Grammy Award Winner Ruben Ramos & The Texas Revolution

“I love being able to share my love for Tejano/Chicano music, to music fans around country and world”

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to be on the air in my hometown again!”

The Tejano Takeover will target Tucson’s considerable Tejano fan base. Tejano music is the perfect fit with Old School and R&B . That’s the music Mexican Americans Chicanos like myself grew up on. Every Wedding Quinceanera, and family event had Tejano music playing in the background! I hope to bring that celebration, and excitement every Sunday! It’s A Tejano Takeover!