The Game actor, Hosea Chanchez, has opened up about being molested at age 14. In an Instagram post, Chanchez revealed that he was molested by his friend’s father and admitted that it was a hard topic for him to speak about. The actor said that he intentionally tried to forget about the situation to prevent himself from being judged.

Chanchez also said that his childhood friend’s father preyed on him coming from a single mother home, and his father not being around. The actor said that his molester would ask him questions about his sexuality, but he did not realize that it was to test his comfort level. He said, “He was using a false hyper-masculinity as a way to sniff out my comfort level with sex and privacy.”

Chanchez described when he was molested and said that the man threatened to ruin his life because he was “very powerful.”

He then explained why he decided to speak out, saying, “I’m choosing to come forward now in hopes that my TRUTH helps to free someone else from guilt and shame at the hands of a predator, rapist, pedophile. I ask God to help me become the best me I can be and in the process allow my life to inspire, uplift and heal someone’s else’s pain and trauma.”