Ahmaud Arbery's mom Wanda Cooper Jones says that she refuses to watch the footage of her son being murdered in cold blood. As previously reported, a video was released on Tuesday (May 5th) of 25-year-old Arbery being chased and then shot and killed in Brunswick, Georgia by Gregory and Travis McMichael. In an interview with CBS News, Cooper Jones said, "I saw my son come into the world. And  seeing him leave the world, it’s not something that I’ll want to see ever.” She, like other member of his family, maintain that Arbery  was innocent. 

The Arbery family attorney Lee Merritt — who also appeared on CBS News, said, “These men were vigilantes, they were a posse and they performed a modern lynching in the middle of the day."

Meanwhile, Gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested yesterday afternoon (March 7th) for the felony murder and aggravated assault of Arbery. Reports say that their accomplice William Bryan is also being charged but has not yet been arrested.


In other news, prior to the arrests,  Kim Kardashian took to social media yesterday (March 7th) to tell fans to sign a petition so that charges would be filed and justice would be served for the Arbery family.

Shortly after Kim started speaking out about the case, fans started calling her #MartinLutherKim and #MalkimX. One person wrote, "Ahhh sh*t Martin Luther Kim on the case?!?! Y’all going to JAIL NOW." 

Of course, most people were disgusting that people would compare Kim to the civil rights icons. One person wrote, "calling kim kardashian “Martin Luther Kim” for posting about ahmaud abrey is disrespectful to both MLK and Ahmaud bc ur involving his murder into ur ignorant jokes. just stop. its fr not the time."

Another wrote, "I know yall not calling that white woman Martin Luther Kim.."

**Please check news briefs for more info on Gregory and Travis McMichael's arrests.**