In an interview with Rollacoaster Magazine, Alicia Keys has opened up about her upcoming album, Alicia. On why she chose her name for the album, she said, “I think that over time, I just really recognized and got more comfortable in willing to express the other sides of who I am and the different parts that make me a whole. . . . I believe that all those sides together is what makes me Alicia and I’m proud of all of those sides, and so all of those sides are reflected in music. They’re reflected in the sonic, in the lyrics, in the words, in the emotions – all of that. That’s why I feel more closer to myself. This is who Alicia is and that’s why I definitely feel it’s the right time to name it after my own name.”

On the creation of her upcoming skincare brand, she said, “I’ve had a difficult experience and interesting experience with skincare my whole life. So I’ve always been somebody who has been looking for the right thing that works for me and my skin. I found over time, that it’s a mixture of obviously good products but also how you’re treating yourself and wellness and being good to yourself and removing toxic energy. For me, I love having a balance between taking care of my skin and also taking care of my soul.”

Keys' new album is due out this year. Her skincare line will debut in 2021.