Alicia Keys put a stay-at-home spin on Flo Rida’s track “My House” during a virtual performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“This song is dedicated to the moment,” she said. “I have a feeling that we’re all going through a similar thing, so I figured we could break it down like this.”

In her version, she puts her own twist on the lyrics of Flo Rida’s 2015 original. “I was Grammy hostin’ now I’m home schoolin’,” Keys sang while playing the piano. “You too?/Penguins walk down the stairs while I’m handwashin’/So dry/Never done this before but we’re all in.” She added, “You can’t come to my house/Suddenly two’s a crowd/Only Swiss is allowed/We don’t have to go out.”

Keys also took Colbert through a helpful guided meditation, discussed being stuck inside during the coronavirus pandemic and gave fans her phone number so they can stay connected. She said: “If you wanna call me … you might need … if you’re looking for a good time, you know. You too can connect with me and get some messages and some uplifting energy, because I’m here to send it.”

She also joked that now she knows what zoom is and that by the time you do see her out of the house, she’ll be sporting a “unibrow.”

She even managed to squeeze in a plug for her new book: “The book that I just wrote, More Myself – and don’t think just because the stores are closed you can’t get it, because you can get it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Target and it’ll go straight to your house, you know what I’m saying.”

Keys said she has received “thousands” of texts since posting her phone number on social media in January. She told Cobert: “Sometimes I’ll just sing a song. I’ll go on there and just sing a freestyle, I’ll sing anything and send it. Or if it’s someone’s birthday I’ll send them a birthday message, or maybe I’ll just check in and say ‘Hope you’re having a good Thursday’ or whatever. And it’s pretty cool!”

For those interested in getting in touch, Alicia’s number is 917-970-2001.

Keys’ new album ALICIA is expected in May.