During an interview on the It's Tricky podcast with Raquel Harper, Amber Rose revealed that she doesn't believe in God. She explained, “I more so believe in science than like, an invisible entity named God who was like ‘let there be light’ – it just seems far fetched to me.”

Amber revealed that she's been to church “a bunch of times,” adding that she grew up in church and that her mom dabbling in and out of Christianity.

She added, “I just don’t believe Jesus, like died and came back to life for my sins. I just believe that’s crazy, that’s ludicrous. I believe it’s manipulative.”

When asked if she was into the Church of Scientology, she said, “I am not a scientologist no. I’m talking about actual factual science. I don’t understand how the first human species was on earth eight million years ago and religion just started 2000 years ago. It just doesn’t add up, it just doesn’t make sense.”

Amber added that she prefers Buddhism, saying, “because it’s not really a religion, it’s like a philosophy.”