Amber Rose & Murda Mook got into a heated exchange on the most recent episode of Drink Champs. During the episode, Mook did a freestyle where he referred to women as “h*es” and addressed some women being famous for being famous. Amber asked Mook what the issue was with women who become famous for being famous. During their discussions, Mook said that he felt that the culture of twerking for money is “disgusting.”

Rose responded, “But why is it disgusting? – Because you’re a hater. Men are haters that women make money and go get booked for $2,000 because they’re f*cking pretty! Don’t hate the b*tch, hate the consumer!”

She continued, “You’re observing a b*tch making money becuase she’s pretty and twerking – let the b*tch twerk and make her f*cking money!”

Mook asked Rose what she would do if said $2,000 twerking payday could cost a woman a $10 million deal later down the line. She responded, “Why is that your business! Stay out of women’s business!…Stop policing women’s bodies…Nobody knows the future!”

Mook explained that he can’t mind his business because he has a daughter. Rose responded, “Worry about your daughter! Why you worried about them (dancers on set), why you worried about me?!…Stop worrying about women’s business!”