Civil rights icon Angela Davis joined activist Tamika Mallory on the Juneteenth episode of Red Table Talk. During the episode, Gammy discussed how social media has managed to make more people aware of police brutality. 

Davis responded, "That video [of George Floyd] represents what Black people have experienced for generations and generations over and over and over again. When I saw that white cop with his hands in his pocket, nonchalantly murdering this Black man, and we’re collectively mourning the fact that we have not brought about change, our own failure to stand up and say ‘Never again. Never again.’” 

Jada also talked about Rayshard Brooks' murder, specifically how people are trying to justify police violence because there has been a myth that black men are more threatening and dangerous than other people.

She said, “I think one of the most painful things for me is that the idea that Black men are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. So that, if he’s drunk in a drive-thru at Wendy’s, that justifies him being murdered or everyone talking about whatever George Floyd’s rap sheet might have been as if any of that has anything to do with his rights to be treated as a human being."

Tamika added that a black child isn't even looked at or treated like a white child would be. She said, “Well you can’t even be 12-years-old in a park, because Tamir Rice was shot in a park with a toy gun that is sold in a store that any other child would be able to play with, especially if they’re not a Black child. In this situation, within seconds, Tamir Rice is shot –12-years-old– because they see Black boys also as being Black men. We are criminalized from very young."


The ladies also discussed the "Karens" of the world, with Tamika saying, “So deconstructing white supremacy is dealing with the Karens that work on your job. The Karens that are in your family… your Mama who’s telling you that she’s going to vote for somebody that is harmful to people of color."