Antonio Brown went live yesterday (January 13th) during another dispute with his baby mama Chelsie Kyriss. In the video, Brown has accused Kyriss of allegedly trying to steal his Bentley. He said in the video, “A whole lotta broke h*es, that’s what it is. They’re broke and they can’t finesse so they try to come steal. You see it? You come to take the kids to school? You can’t take them, so you try to steal. Got my boys all in front of the madness. I don’t care about none of that, it’s illegal. I ain’t taking no disrespect… That’s why you don’t get broke h*es pregnant, they show up! They show up and try to steal! . . . Take the kids to school, you trying to steal cars!””Take her bum a** to jail bro….bum a** h*e, fat, stocky, short, Santa Clause lookin’ a** b****. Look! Sir you want me to take the kids in the house while you take her to jail? She’s f***in trash! Take the trash to jail!”

At one point, a Sargeant approached him and Brown explained that Kyriss was allegedly coming to pick up the kids for school and he let her in the car to grab clothes but she stayed in the car. He denied giving her the car as a gift and started yelling at the officer.

At another point, he called Kyriss “fishhead” and threw a bag of penis shaped candies at her.

Meanwhile, Kyriss later shared text messages between her and AB. In the messages, it appears that he wants her back. She captioned the receipts, “This is what happens when you refuse to go back!”

Antonio Brown goes off on baby mama :