Ayesha Curry became a topic of conversation on Twitter after appearing on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk and revealing what it is like to be an NBA wife, and how she feels about not receiving male attention. During the conversation Curry revealed that she sometimes inserts herself in friendly conversations that her husband, Steph Curry, may have with other women. She explained, [“Stephen is very nice by nature, and he’s very talkative. He’s just like you (his mom), he gets it from his mama. Everything’s very friendly and sometimes to the point where I’m like 'Okay I’m a grown woman' so I just insert myself and be like 'Hello, how are you doing?'I'm okay with it now. Obviously you know the devil is a liar and the ladies will always be lurking, hoping for their moment and waiting — you need to be aware of that, but for me, I honestly hate it.”] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC . . . honestly hate it)

After addressing the attention her husband receives, Ayesha went on to reveal that she feels insecure by men not approaching her or finding her attractive. She continued, [“(Something) that really bothers me and has honestly, given me a little bit of an insecurity is like ‘Yeah, there are all these women throwing themselves [at Steph] but me, the past ten years, I don’t have any of that. It sounds weird but I have zero male attention. Then I internalize it and I’m like is there something wrong with me? I don’t want it. But it would be nice to know that someone’s looking.”] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC . . . that someone’s looking)

According to Madamenoire, people took Ayesha’s comments to represent her being a “pick me woman,” which the site says “is someone who moves and operates with the intent of making themselves pleasing to men, often at the expense or degradation of other women who choose to move differently.”

A Twitter user spoke on Curry being a “pick me,” and said, “Because at the core of ‘Pick Me’ is a merciless desire to be centered in male validation. There's nothing wrong with desiring romantic partnership. But when that desire comes at the expense of your peace, it's a problem. Ayesha repeatedly states her distaste, irritation, and annoyance with the women who [supposedly] want her husband. She does so on RTT and has done so in social discourse before. Watch her body language. Ayesha also states on this episode of RTT that she has generalized anxiety for which she takes medication. Though she doesn't directly state that the medication is for her insecurities (as she called them, not me), it's easily observed that these insecurities make her anxious. Ayesha *also* tells us of her frustration that she sees all these women coming for her husband but she hasn't received male attention in over ten years. She is genuinely sad and distressed by this feeling of being unattractive, of not being enough.” 

Another Twitter user said, “The craziest part is men be out here talking about ‘Be an Ayesha,  not a Cardi’ and other things of that nature. She condemned the way women dressed and now wants sympathy for not getting the same attention those women get…..lol I like Ayesha but I can’t with this lol.”