R. Kelly's ex girlfriend Azriel Clary has seemingly responded to allegations that her mother “pimped her out” to R. Kelly when she was a minor. Screenshots of alleged text messages between Azriel and her mother Alice Clary surfaced online earlier this week.

In the messages, Alice allegedly told her daughter — who was 16 at the time, to seduce the singer if she had dreams of being famous. In one of the messages, Alice allegedly advised Azriel to take her glasses off and wear her hair to the side to “put on a show.” She also allegedly texted, “Dance grab his hand shimmy wiggle sit on his lap entice him…. while singing its all bout performance…. this is your chance and opportunity.”

In another text message, Alice allegedly wrote, “That man ain’t trying to do nothing with you musically, he want to f*ck period cuz he like young girls… he will probably hit you up fly you to him by yourself get you there and you will have no choice but to have sex cuz he will probably tell you he ain’t giving you a return flight unless you do all kinds b.s.”

Azriel seemingly responded to the texts, posting on her IG Story,“I literally don’t do nothing for clout, analytics or views. So spare us both the fake love, I do not play dat sh*t”